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Prox is powering a new way for influencers and consultants to provide access to their knowledge and experience. Let followers book a paid call as short as 15-mins to get their questions answered.

Prox is completely free to start using + industry-standard processing fees.

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What is Prox?

A new way to get paid for your knowledge, influence, and experience.

Prox is completely free to start using.
We use industry-standard processing fees.

Share your profile, answer questions, and get paid.

Simply meet customers over video chat and answer their questions. We manage the rest so you can keep adding value and building tighter connections.

“Prox allows experts to connect to their audience in more significant ways, have multiple revenue streams and actually have really good visibility into who they are”

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Bring people closer to your content and connect with them through direct group events, Q&As, consultations, mentorships, live streams, and more! Help people learn and get paid for your content.