Expert Perspective: mindfulness and success, learn how you can bring the practice of mindfulness into your life

Mindfulness isn’t anything new it has its roots in Buddhism and Hinduism which have been around for centuries. What’s new is the impact of technology, social media, and other factors driving an increase in stress, anxiety, and depression. To deal, many people have turned to mindfulness. In theory, it all sounds great, being present and aware takes practice and a bit of patience. 

Paige Oldham isn’t your ordinary mindfulness expert. She’s also a career CFO (Chief Financial Officer) who has worked for many high-growth startups where stress is part of the job description. 

Whether it’s clear or not, there’s a relationship between finance, stress, and mindfulness. There’s also scientific evidence that shows how mindfulness can help with: 

  • Memory improvement 
  • Stress, worry, and anxiety reduction
  • Healthier habits, like eating though making better choices
  • Better, improved sleep

So, we compiled these outtakes with Paige to help answer all your mindfulness questions and to get a head start on your mindfulness journey. 

Who is Prox pro Paige Oldham and why is she a mindfulness expert?

What is mindfulness, and how does it apply to you?

Practical ways for you to create mindfulness for yourself

How to apply mindfulness to different aspects of your life, whether at home, work, or managing your team?

What you should avoid when trying to become mindful

If you’re looking for advice on mindfulness or financial expertise, you can schedule a live 1:1 with Paige to get personalized advice.

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