Expert perspective: how to improve your side-hustle game with Amazon in 2021

Pro insights from Chris Green: entrepreneur of five, million-dollar businesses and Amazon side-hustle expert

Back in April of 2020, US unemployment was a staggering 14% (NCLS). What we’ve learned is that events like the Coronavirus and Washington politics leave us everyday folks in the dust. Even before all of this (the pandemic at least), side hustling had grown as a means of necessity. 

The side-hustle is growing in popularity.

According to a Bankrate survey, side hustlers aren’t getting rich, considering the median side hustle income is $200 per month (the average is $1,122 per month but skewed due to high earning outliers).

The median side-hustler makes $200 per month.

There are of course people who do make a decent living through side hustles, that eventually turn into full-time businesses. Chris Green is one of those success stories, having the fortune of creating five, one-million-dollar businesses that had their beginnings as side-hustles. 

There are countless “get rich quick” ideas, platforms you can use to start your side hustle; but, Amazon reigns supreme in terms of size and opportunity to build a scaleable side-hustle business. Chris spent over 10-years perfecting his expertise as an Amazon seller, vendor, designer and author. The good news? His passion for helping people achieve exactly what he has done. I sat down with Chris to learn a little more about how he helps people like you and me. 

Prox: Chris, how do you describe yourself or your expertise?

>> Chris Green:

“I help people figure out what they’re good at and how to turn that into an online business. 

Most people have some passion or skill that is incredibly marketable yet don’t know it and don’t know how to start or build that idea into a business. My passion is helping people productize their skill, passion, talent into something they can sell.”

As a personal aside: compared to many other experts I’ve come across, Chris’s primary focus isn’t on selling expensive lesson plans. Instead, he offers tactical 1:1 advice from answering very specific Amazon and eCommerce questions, uncovering and productizing ideas, to collaboratively building a business plan that is also executable. 

Prox: eCommerce is a large and complicated ecosystem; there are so many ways you can start. Where is your focus? 

>> Chris Green:

“Print-on-demand platforms because there’s no barrier to entry and practically zero financial commitment. When I refer to print-on-demand, this includes anything from printing a book, merchandise creation, audio, and making your “product” Amazon Prime eligible. Though it’s a massive business opportunity, it’s confusing, easy to make costly mistakes, that’s where I help.”  

Prox: What are some of the shortfalls with eCommerce, whether that’s Amazon, Etsy, eBay, etc.?

>> Chris Green:

“I’m an Amazon expert, but I do advise about other platforms. The principles from how to build a profile to how you market are universal. 

A significant misstep often made is not looking at the entire eCommerce ecosystem understanding which platform is best suited to your business. 

Also, it’s easy to become too reliant on a single platform without building a customer database like email lists so you can engage and build a relationship with your customers. If you’re farming someone else’s land, that’s one thing, but use it for its purpose and don’t forget about building your business.” 

Chris Green, side-hustle pro and Amazon expert

Prox: How did you become an expert? What was your journey?

>> Chris Green:

“It started on eBay. I found a $500 product that was on sale for $99 bucks. I saw the opportunity and resold the inventory on eBay. It became a profitable business. From there, I expanded my expertise, becoming an educator and publisher.”  

Prox: There are lots of eCommerce experts. Beyond the fact you’re successful, what makes you different?

>> Chris Green:

“Historically, I’ve identified products marketed incorrectly and remarket and sell them via the right channel. The key is finding the opportunity before other people do. It’s now a common eCommerce strategy. 

So, it’s a certain level of creativity. I’m able to look at a platform and use it in ways beyond its original intention and apply a new business model.

As an example, I’ve converted all of my online courses into print on-on-demand books. They’re refundable, peer-reviewed with countless positive reviews (all at no cost to me). I help people take advantage lost of missed opportunities from kindle promotions, to free Amazon advertising.” 

Prox: What are some common challenges people come to you for help?

>> Chris Green:

“I have customers from students to 85 years old; most are the solopreneurs and small businesses owners. They want to know how to get started, check if they’re on the right path, and how to create a virtual business.

There’s also an absolute excess of information on side hustles, eCommerce and Amazon. Lot’s of experts who repurpose content and claim expertise, I help my customers by curating the most critical content that comes from my personal experience.” 

Prox: What are some tips you can share about finding success with side-hustles?

>> Chris Green:

  1. Getting started: eCommerce has made the side hustle easier. The barriers to entry are low, but it’s also now harder to be successful. 
  2. Set the right expectations: There’s a lot you have to learn, a lot you have to set-up. People get excited about starting, then they hop from thing to thing, especially after watching expert YouTube videos. People underestimate how long it will take to see some profit. I believe if you have the right coaching, you can create a six-figure business. It will take time and likely not in the first year. 
  3. Have conviction:  It sounds corny, but belief is probably the biggest part of making the side-hustle successful. People go back home, speak to family or friends and don’t always get the encouragement to see it through. 
  4. Focus on the right things: Critics math,” 1 insult + 1,000 complements = 1 insult. I’m guilty of this. I focus all my energy on the bad reviewer and lose sight of all the positive reviews. I recommend, take a step back, realize you can’t be everything for everyone. Think about it from the perspective of the five-star reviewers. If I focus on the bad review, I’m telling all my happy customers I can’t focus on them, rather I’m ignoring them while I sort out my feelings. So, pay attention to why they reviewed you negatively; at the end of the day. They’re probably not your ideal customer. 

Prox: Who do you admire? 

>> Chris Green:

“Gary V, but he works too hard. I like his philosophy of gratitude and his intense work ethic.” 

Chris Green Prox Pro

If you’re looking for expert advice on how to start a business, find clarity on what type of business you want to create, very tactical to highly strategic Amazon eCommerce advice, you can’t go wrong with Chris Green. Join the upcoming side-hustle lifeline with Chris on Tuesday, November 17, right before the mad holiday rush–exactly when it’s needed most!

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