Marketing Masters: Prox 1:1 session with content marketing and storytelling expert Melanie Deziel

It feels like everyone, whether you’re an influencer, thought leader, in sales or marketing, is doing some form of content marketing. Whether you’re doing it now, looking to refresh your existing content strategy or start from scratch, we’ve got some content for you! 

I sat down with Melanie Deziel, self-described “recovering journalist,” who has worked for some of the most well-known journalism outlets like, The New York Times and Huffington Post to get expert advice on everything you need to know about content marketing and storytelling. 

Her passion is helping marketers or those who are doing content marketing type work develop compelling stories. She has also written a best selling book on content marketing and storytelling, called: The Content Fuel Framework: How to Generate Unlimited Story Ideas.

If you want the cliff notes version, check out the videos below. 

Intro: who is Melanie Deziel

How to avoid these common content marketing mistakes

Tips on how to create the right story angle for your content marketing

How to get stakeholder buy-in for your content marketing campaigns

How to secure a budget for your content marketing projects

Content marketing trends

If you need help with refining your company’s message, ideas on content marketing, connect directly with Mel for personalized 1:1 advice:

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