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Marketing Masters: Prox 1:1 session with content marketing and storytelling expert Melanie Deziel

It feels like everyone, whether you’re an influencer, thought leader, in sales or marketing, is doing some form of content marketing. Whether you’re doing it now, looking to refresh your existing content strategy or start from scratch, we’ve got some content for you!  I sat down with Melanie Deziel, self-described “recovering journalist,” who has worked … Continued

Expert Perspective: mindfulness and success, learn how you can bring the practice of mindfulness into your life

Mindfulness isn’t anything new it has its roots in Buddhism and Hinduism which have been around for centuries. What’s new is the impact of technology, social media, and other factors driving an increase in stress, anxiety, and depression. To deal, many people have turned to mindfulness. In theory, it all sounds great, being present and aware … Continued

Is this Occupy Wall Street 2021? Implications of GameStop Reddit users vs. hedge funds, who will come out on top?

Everything you need to know about the Reddit / GameStop / WallStreet situation from financial expert and CFP, Aaron Hattenbach. Warning–long read ahead. You’ve probably heard in some form or another what’s been happening this week in the stock market with Gamestop, AMC and other highly shorted small company stocks. As a financial advisor, I … Continued

Expert Perspective: Are you honest about your fitness goals?

Getting started with something is sometimes the biggest challenge. That’s how I feel about going to the gym–when I’m there, I’m pretty much good to go. But, life, pandemics, school, work, you name it, happens. These stresses can cause you to lose sight of your fitness goals. Unfortunately, at times of stress, is when you … Continued

Expert Perspective: how to bring Hollywood film best practices into your video marketing

Facebook reported some crazy stats about the consumption of video content, reporting:  Users view an average of 8 Billion videos daily Posts with video experience higher engagement at close to 14%  (Source: SmartInsights). Simultaneously, platforms like TikTok and Instagram reels and almost everyone has a smartphone–video creation is somewhat easy.   But what makes a good video? … Continued