Getting Started on Prox

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A Quick Start Guide:

Creating Your Prox Profile

We designed Prox to be intuitive, straightforward and fast. Nevertheless, here’s a handy quick start guide to help get you up and running in five quick steps.

#1: Sign-Up / Create Your Prox Account

You’ve got three options. You can use your Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail account. We do this to verify you’re a real person. 

Prox sign-on page (above)

#2: Claim Your Prox Name / Finish Your Profile

Your Prox Profile will be unique to you and serves as your 1:1 portal with your fans. Below you’ll see an example of a completed profile.

When you have successfully signed-on, you will be taken to the “Edit you Profile” screen (below).

Pro view, editing your profile (above)

Please note, we will only promote profiles that are complete. Take the tips below into consideration as you complete your profile:

  • Select a name and URL that best reflects your brand, e.g. 
  • Add a “Tagline”, something that pays off what you do
  • The “About You” section should be a nice short blurb of your background, expertise, and how you can help fans

Pro Tip: Update your Prox profile whenever from the “Profile” section in the top menu. 

#3: Setting Office Hours / When You’re Free 

First, you will need to select blocks of times you are free throughout the week on the “manage office hours” screen (see image below).

Pro view, providing time blocks for open office hours (above)

When you have selected your open office hours, Prox will allow Players (fans/follower, etc.) to book you in 15-minute increments.

Player view, your open office hours schedule for Players (above)

Player view, 1:1 request after selecting an open office hour time block (above)

Pro Tip: Allow some buffer time between sessions to account for overages, breaks, etc.  

#4: Managing and Accepting 1:1 Sessions

Before a Player can book 1:1 sessions with you, they must enter payment details. So when you get a 1:1 session request, they are ready to do business with you. 

Pro view, upcoming sessions queue (above)

Before a session can be booked, there are a few actions that you will need to take:

  • You must accept the 1:1 for the session to be booked, scheduled, and confirmed 
  • Players can only request sessions based on the office hours you set in step 3
  • You also have the option to decline the request or ask for a reschedule 

Pro Tip: Get more sessions by including your Prox link in your social profiles. 

#5: Live sessions

10-minutes before the start time, you will be automatically taken to “The Lobby.” This is where you can prep for the session and review questions from the Player. You can also use this time to double-check your connection speed, and that your camera and mic work seamlessly. We recommend allowing time between sessions to account for the unknowns. 

The “Lobby” (above)

As the live session starts you will see both you and the player on the screen, Prox will guide you through the conversation by highlighting the question being asked to help keep you on track.

Live session (above)

As you progress through the session, Prox will indicate when it’s time to wrap so you can prepare for your next live session.

Player view, completed session (above)

As always, if you need extra help or have questions, please drop us a note at

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Getting Started on Prox

A Quick Start Guide: Creating Your Prox Profile We designed Prox to be intuitive, straightforward and fast. Nevertheless, here’s a