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There are a lot of tools out there to build your business, but there is only one Prox. We’re an all-in-one Virtual Experience Platform designed to help you reach and grow your audience through building meaningful relationships with your fans. 


Think of Prox like YouTube but with built-in marketing tools coupled with the ability to directly engage your audience. Below are some of the many reasons Pros (aka experts) chose to Prox:  

#1: A complimentary engagement channel that amplifies your social media presence.

Prox is not a replacement for other marketing channels but is complementary to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. You can use Prox as part of your social media strategy by simply using your unique URL in your social media posts. 

Prox was built to drive engagement and interaction with your fans, we don’t monetize against views, impressions, or clicks like your typical advertising channel. Where social media channels are great for attracting new followers, Prox excels at building meaningful relationships between you and your audience.

#2: An additional revenue stream that is based on engagement with fans through mutual value creation.

Prox provides Pros with additional opportunities to earn income through direct engagement with your audience, whether that’s 1:1 or 1; many in a mastermind session (we call that a ProxPool). 

As a Pro you sometimes benefit from ad impressions and broad reach on your social media channels, however, these channels are notoriously unreliable due to constant algorithm changes.

With Prox, you monetize in a more predictable format, that’s through engagement. Our platform will suggest the most optimal rate to charge fans for your time with them. Prox helps you tighten the relationship with your fans and, in turn, you establish more trust and referrals due to the tangible advise you offer.

#3: Freedom and independence from big tech.

Prox isn’t in the game of making money through impressions, therefore, we do not update our algorithms or game the system to optimize for views or clicks. Instead, Prox has a keen focus on maximizing interaction and conversation with your fans through simple, guided virtual experiences (Vx). We make money when you make money by reaching fans and adding value to the relationship account.

We also make the process super easy, it’s almost silly: 1). Signing up and creating your profile only takes 5 steps 2). We help you market your Prox profile to your fans and help you reach more fans. 3). Our platform provides insights to the topics and questions your people are interested in learning about from you so you’re never guessing what’s on-trend, or how to add value.

#4: Getting to know your fans, more intimately.

Beyond sponsorships and ad impressions, we know that Pros will make a living through building online classes or sell content to their audience through a subscription. There’s no doubt that these can become lucrative channels, however, there are a few issues:

  1. You don’t really interact with your fans and instead of having a human to human conversation, you’re talking at them.
  2. There is a constant burden to produce content that is fresh and of high production-quality (also, does that content fit the new algorithm changes?).
  3. Creating high-quality can be very timely, very expensive, and can quickly become obsolete.
  4. It also seems that everyone is creating content, repurposing content, that it becomes hard to differentiate yourself from the competition.

With Prox, you’re able to build a real-time library of topics, challenges, interests, and questions that are on the minds of your audience. As a result, you spend less time guessing, and more time engaging on what your fans want and need from you. Additionally, we collect up to date firmographic data from email address to cell phone numbers.

#5: Prox was built to enhance and amplify your personal brand:

We designed Prox to support and enhance your branded experience(s) rather than detract. As an example, what OpenTable is for restaurants, Prox is for Pros and Players. But, instead of reserving tables at a restaurant, Players “reserve” sessions with you, the Pro. All you need to do:

  1. Share your unique Prox link across social and owned channels, like your website, blog, or video bookends to drive your fans to your Prox profile. We then drive people through to your website.
  2. If you decide to drive traffic to Prox we provide your exclusive profile page which you own and can customize. On this page, you can include links to your different social channels as well as your personal website.
  3. You can also choose to embed your Prox profile within your website.

#6: Built-in Marketing:


Legitimization. Similar to software review sites like G2Crowd, Prox provides you with an additional opportunity to share what customers like about you and your product. Players (learners/fans) can rate and review you just like on Uber. Prox also gives you the ability to capture live testimonials. 

Viral loops. As your fans reserve time with you, Prox can automatically share these moments via your connected social accounts. This creates a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) where other players and pros can see you’re engaging your following and providing a lot of value.

Ability to capture awe-inspiring moments throughout the live session that can be shared by either you or your fans across respective social channels.

Testimonial generation. At the conclusion of each session, Prox captures feedback and curates content that you can use as a testimonial. This also serves as a vehicle to demonstrate your expertise on a specific topic through a players endorsement. 

#7: Depth of data and insights:

Prox offers data and insights beyond typical in platform analytics (Google, Facebook, etc.). Prox provides insights on interests, learning topics, contact data like cell phone numbers, and how much someone is willing to pay for a different offering (such as how much to charge per minute or per hour). This data also helps you identify who is your most valuable followers and identifies different cohorts and how to engage with that cohort.  

#8: Peace of mind with legal protection:

Prox insures Pros with “Errors and Omissions” insurance to provide peace of mind for the advice given to fans.


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