Prox Frequently Asked Questions

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How are Pro rates determined?

Pros predetermine initial rates which factor urgency and demand for their time. Players will share their budget during the sign-up process. Prox uses this data to validate and recommend ideal rates. Pros can always adjust what they charge.

PRO: How do I get paid?

Prox collects payment details at the time of player sign-up. Payments are credited upon the successful completion of the Pro/Player session via Paypal, Venmo, or bank transfer depending on the option you select.

PRO: When do I get paid?

During our beta launch, payments will be processed in batches every Friday before the close of business, PST. Funds credited to Pros after the weekly cutoff point will process in the next weekly batch. The exact timing of payment depends on your financial institution.

PLAYER: Why am I paying today?

As you could imagine, our Pros are in high demand with busy schedules. Your payment is to confirm and reserve your session with the Pro and to guarantee your spot.

What happens when there is a no show?

We’re advocates of timely, transparent communication and encourage both parties to advise each other if there is a change in schedules.

If the Pro does not show up for a session, Prox will issue a 100% refund of the fee you paid, unless the Player agrees to a reschedule. If the Player does not show for a session, the Player will be responsible for xx% payment.

What if I need to reschedule?

Life happens, but we ask that there is at least a 24-hour window to allow both Pros and Players adequate time to adjust their respective schedules. Please note, Pros may enforce individual rescheduling policies.
In circumstances where there are excessive reschedule requests with less than a 24-hour notice, Prox will assess a possible refund or charge where applicable.

PLAYER: How do I get a refund?

Prox will assess refunds on a per case basis, such as a no-show, late-show, and general Player satisfaction (see “No Show”). Direct refund requests to

PRO: What are payment processing fees?

Prox uses trusted payment vendors to process and collect payments with a standard convenience fee of 20% per transaction. Fees cover hosting and platform services.

How can I best prepare for the event?

You can add up to 5 questions for the Pro to review and discuss during your virtual session. Pros receive these questions in advance of your 1:1 or masterclass session to ensure adequate preparation.

Are my conversations kept private?

Yes. As part of the terms of services, we maintain strict privacy between Players and Pros. Sessions recordings are securely housed in the Prox platform. Entire or partial recordings, both audio and visual, are only shared upon mutual consent by Prox, Player, and Pro per Prox terms of use.

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