Transform knowledge

into income.

Use Prox to captivate your audience and monetize your expertise.

Prox is a virtual knowledge-exchange, connecting pros with knowledge seekers

Reach, engage, and grow your audience with back-office tools to help you scale your business

Smart scheduling & reminders

Eliminate schedule confusion; Prox integrates with almost any calendar app so you’ll never miss an opportunity to connect with customers

Data & analytics engine

Get insights and trends from basic demographics to most discussed topics; understand what your customer wants and how to reach more like them

Secure virtual sessions

More ways to connect with customers without sharing your personal contact information, whether 1:1 or in a group

Engage & get paid

Go live to your audience in almost any format without having to give your content away for free

Customer insights cloud

A simplified CRM that captures pre-session questions, notes, programs purchased, so you’re always adding value to each customer relationship

Personal back-office

You focus on customers, Prox manages the rest including scheduling, payments, customer data, basic automation, and more

build authentic connections & interact with your community

Access, community, and insight from proven experts

how it works

Share your profile, answer questions, and get paid.

Simply meet customers over video chat and answer their questions. We manage the rest so you can keep adding value and building tighter connections.

Connect, Engage, and Get Paid